lavish Boudoir planning guide

Your guide to the best boudoir shoot ever!

Hi there! Thank you for downloading our guide. No matter where you book, we want you to have an incredible experience before, during and after your photoshoot.

With a Lavish Boudoir photoshoot, you can be sure that we'll help you ever step of the way to feel prepared and have mind-blowingly gorgeous photos.


1 month before

  • book your beauty appointments
  • exercise and stretch daily
  • shop online

1 week before

  • get a trim and color touch up
  • mani-pedi
  • DYI facial (nothing harsh like a peel)
  • keep stretching
  • drink water

1 day before

  • no salt or booze or carbonation - except maybe one glass of wine
  • pack your bag
  • drink lots of water
  • check for polish chips
  • take a long shower or bubble bath
  • wash and dry your hair

the big day!

  • eat a light breakfast
  • take 15 quiet minutes of deep breathing and envision your photoshoot
  • wash and moisturize your face if you've booked makeup
  • wear loose clothes and no bra


These are outfits that look good on every body type. We'll personalize it for YOUR photoshoot when you book.


Shaper slips

Long gone are the granny girdles. Today's slips have intricate lace and beautiful fabrics that smooth any lumps and bumps into a beautiful silhouette

We recommend PlayfulPromises.com

fitted jersey and high-waisted panties

Show some love to your favorite team, but skip the oversized jersey. Find a fitted women's jersey or a cute fan tee. Then pair it with some high waisted skivvies (a little sparkle helps).

Check out Fanatics.com

Sweater & Panties

Nothing says "girlfriend sexy" like a soft off-the-shoulder sweater and a pretty pair of panties.

Love the ones from Aerie.

Bridal Accessories

We love photographing the more intimate accessories you'll wear on your wedding day.

Swoon over Jewliette's sparklies!


These leave a little to the imagination and create a stunning look that suits all body types. If you don't love your arms, they even have sleeves.

We heart ASOS.

Nothing at all

We have the white sheets, but feel free to bring your favorite blanket for a custom look.

These from RH are so cozy.

Posing & Lighting Inspiration - Lavish will guide you from head to toe!

A little inspiration.

Miss C is a two-time client. This video was recorded just a couple of months before she and her husband announced they were having a beautiful baby boy.

Still not sure about this whole boudoir thing?

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About the Lavish Team

I'm Leslie, the owner, and my team is going to make you look freaking gorgeous and feel like a movie star.

My superpower is taking women out of their day-to-day lives and transforming them into confident, sexy, unstoppable women. This is what I was born to do.

I'll use my years of experience to make your photos even more amazing than you could imagine.

I can't wait to meet you!